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February 2022 | ReadyAPI Community News

Hello, ReadyAPI Community!


Welcome to the February Community news digest! In this news article, you will learn about the most active participants, biggest community discussions, freshest product updates and more!

Let's jump right in.



Last month we announced our Community Leaders and the race to get this elite community status for Q1 2022 began! Learn about why being a Community Leader is so awesome and how you can become one here: 3 Simple Steps to Become a ReadyAPI Community Leader.


In the meantime, here are the most active community contributors for January: richie, ChrisAdams, mattb, TNeuschwanger, JoostDG. Great job, everyone!



We had many great discussions in the ReadyAPI Community in January. Here are just some of them, if you have something to add to the conversations, please do:


How to delete multiple generated ids one by one using delete endpoint

- How to use groovy script to dynamically store data in data source grid?

attach multiple file into one property

One Excel Datasource and Multiple Test cases using Specific Test Case ID within source

Using .dll files in Readyapi


smartbear academy

Did you know that we do bi-weekly ReadyAPI live classes for beginners? This is a great opportunity to get an overview of the tool.

The next class starts at 11am ET on Feburary 8.






ReadyAPI had a couple of great releases recently - 3.20 and 3.20.1! Here's what improved:


 - ReadyAPI now supports testing gRPC services
 - Dark theme
 - Masking encrypted properties


Read the What's New In ReadyAPI article to learn about these and other upgrades.


Download it now: If you’re a licensed user, get the latest version at the ReadyAPI Downloads Center. (And if you’re interested in giving ReadyAPI a shot, request a free 14-day trial).



Thank you for reading, another great month awaits!

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