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9 years ago

What is everyone using for remotly executing their automation through QA Complete? (Sauce Labs?)

I am working on setting up remote automation.  I like the idea of using sauce Labs along with their appium feature for mobile testing.  Has anyone used that setup with QA complete successfully?


What I like about QA complete is that I can link automation and anyone (developers / project managers / BA's / Test Team) can just click play and it runs the automated test.  Or I can setup a test set and click play and it runs the test set.


What I don't know how to do at this point is setup a way to run this remotely where I don't have to do any setup on the Dev/PM/BA machine itself). 


I wanted to try sauce labs but because they fire up a new instance, I can't install the host there.  I can just do it through code, but I really wanted to be able to give access to the rest of the team to run automation through QA Complete.


I tried Amazon workspaces, and can get the test to run remotly, BUT only if the user is logged in to that remote machine on their workstation which will not work.  I want a solution where the only thing that non coders need to do is to click play, and get the test info back along with pass/fail etc status.


I am looking for ideas on how everyone else has setup their remote execution with QA complete.  Any information is appreciated!



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