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8 years ago

Test step - configure Rich Text Editor and migrate from Word

Hello everyone!


We recently got QAComplete and want to migrate all our tests from word documents to the test step library.

By default test steps are just plain text, so we enabled the rich text editor. 


When copying formatted text from Word to CAComplete, the formatting gets messed up sometimes. Therefore we save the word files to pdf and copy from there, which works pretty well so far.


However, when creating new test steps from the editor, the default font is Arial in size 9, which is hard on the eyes. The test step text editor does not allow to change font/size. Is there a way to configure the rich text editor or set up different default font/size?


Thanks in advance


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  • Hello Tom,


    Thank you for your post. At this time it is not possible to configure the rich text editor or set up a different default font/size for the Test Step editor section. However, I believe that this is a good enhancement request and therefore I have created a support case for you in order to raise this improvement to our Product Management team. Your case will be linked to the request in order for you to be contacted when there is an update.


    Thank you and Best Regards,