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10 years ago

Test Coverage Run Details by Test Set Report

Hi,   I have a regression setup with 30 'sub-folders' that are my test sets with each containing additional sub-folders for various specific areas to test and those of course contain the actual tes...
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    9 years ago

    Hi -- In my mind this report is essentially a historical view of test execution by test set for your filtered release. Meaning it will show all executions and all statuses for all test sets in a given release.  This is why the numbers in the report are greater than you expect.  Any report (crystal or ad-hoc) that has the word “Run” in it will give you a historical view.


    Both of the crystal reports (Test Coverage Run Details by Test Set and Test Coverage Run Summary by Test Set) have limited filtering options and only allow you to filter down to the just a release level. If you could filter down to release AND last execution status this report it would make this report more meaningful.


    If I want a current execution status for my test sets in a given release I run an ad-hoc Test Sets Summary report and group it appropriately.