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9 years ago

TC 11.11 Opening numerous pages when test is started from ALM only.

In our setup we have 2 users, whom both have seperate windows user accounts on the same machine. The "Test Host" was installed to use person A's account so when any tests are triggered from ALM if person B is logged into the application (TestComplete via the Test Host webservice) will log person B out of Windows, log person A in and run the test.

The issue we are having is that if person A or person B runs the test locally (not triggered by ALM) the test runs correctly and passes, however if ALM is used to run the test by either person A or B the test is opening numerous instances of one of the windows within the test script causing the test to fail.

The browser type being used is Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows 7 64 bit O.S - If that helps.

Has anyone else experienced this? We've tried adding delays, check point validations, if object exists, adjusting browser settings and nothing so far has helped.


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