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9 years ago

Speed and lag issues following 11.1 upgrade in the new test execution ui.

Following the upgrade, we are experiencing slowness and lag issues going to test step after passing or failing the step. This is happening for all users and we have tried on the latest of Chrome, Firefox, and IE11.


Is this expected to get better or is this a known issues as a result of the upgrade? Is anything be done to improve this?



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  • We are also seeing that running tests is going slower. Now you see a blue square thing spin when you wait.

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    I'm not seeing the blue icon. The whole screen freezes until the test step passes for me.

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    We are also experiencing performance issues when trying to open a test case from inside of a test set.
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      We have had the same issue when trying to run test sets, especially if they have more than 20 or so tests. We have one set of 100 tests which basically didn't display.


      A patch has been applied this morning which seems to have made a big difference. All sets now come back in no more than 30 seconds. Its quicker the smaller the set is.


      It's still slower than the version we had before the changes though so makes you wonder if they do any proper testing on their releases. Every time there's a release we have problems.

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        Yes, we all wonder about proper testing before their releases????? Very frustrating to have so many random issues and errors.

  • I wanted to provide you with an update and let you know that we have updated QAComplete this weekend. Please let us know if the system behaves more reliable for you and your team, thank you.


    Best Regards,


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    Our company has decided to have me implement all our excel tests into QAComplete and since this past upgrade it has becoming horrendous to push our team forward to this due to the speed issues.


    Its slow, the pause timer button on the top doesn't work, if you leave the page the timer continues to run, all the time spent watching the pretty blue boxes flip and spin is counted towards your test time.  Its caused a real push back from our team to use this because it's hampered their testing ability due to the sluggishness and cumbersome use of the "improved" UI.

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      Hi Jason,


      It's a known issue with the 'Pause run' button in the current version - the 'Pause run' button doesn't work properly in some browsers. But, it works correctly for the Firefox browser. The fix for this issue should be included in the next Release.


      Regarding the performance issue, please refer to my answer in the Why is the manual test runner interface slow? topic.


      Customer Care Team