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13 years ago

QAComplete Version 11 Upgrade Instructions


I work for a client who currently has version 9.6.0 of QAComplete installed.

We are considering upgrading to version 11 but would like to know what the upgrade procedure is. Is there any documentation you can provide a link to that will offer some assistance?



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  • Hi Martin -

    We just sent out announcements for ALMComplete 2011 over the last couple of days. All of our Self-Hosted / Enterprise customers should have it by now. The email includes a download link and link to instructions.

    If your client hasn't seen it yet, please let our support team know - all you need to do is click on the Help Center after you log into ALMComplete (or QAComplete or DevComplete). There's a link to Create a Support Ticket, and our Support Team will get you what you need.