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8 years ago

QAComplete Inactive session timeout.

What is the actual inactive session timeout for QAComplete?   The community boards seem to say its 1 hour but the user guide says 2 hours.   However we have had sessions remaining open and "inact...
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    8 years ago

    Hi James,


    There is 2-hour hard-coded timeout in the application. So, if a user does not interact with the system over a two-hour time period and an additional license is needed, the user will be automatically logged out both for security purposes and to free up a license. If there is no additional license is needed, the user can remain logged in. The setting doesn't depend on a browser.

    Unfortunately, currently, this setting isn't configurable, but we have plans to implement this.


    JFYI, if you are a Security Administrator, you can log the user off. Please refer to the following article: Logging Users Off.