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8 years ago

qacomplete custom fields not showing

Hi All


Its happened on more than one occasion now and maybe it can be explained.. but why?


I have added custom fields to a QAComplete project but fields added in custom row 13 and 18 will not display / be available to choose to appear in listing.  If I make duplicate entry in rows 14 and 19 the custom fields do show.


Any suggestions appreciated.

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi James,


    Thank you for reporting the issue. I cannot reproduce it on my side. I think it's better to open a new support case here: To help us assist you better, please provide us with the detailed info about the issue:

    - Screenshots.

    - Your QAC version.

    - Can you reproduce the issue in another project?

    - Can other users reproduce the issue?