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6 years ago

QA Complete test run with one test In Queue

I have a Host and Configuration stup in QAComplete which formerly worked with a different test. I hae a QAComplete test that I have configured with a TestComplete test. From the Test I clicked RUN. Then in the runner page, I clicked Start Run. I am looking at the run page. I see Run Progress 0%. The run has been going for over 7 minutes. My one test is sitting In Queue status and is not being triggered.


WHat am I doing wrong to get this test to run? 


I am using QA complete on the host machine, so I know my TestComplete test should be able to start running. 



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    I see that you resolved the issue in the corresponding Support case. Can you please share the solution with us? 


    Thank you!


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      Solution was to uninstall and reinstall the TestAgent on the host machine.