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8 years ago

performance problems with our QAComplete nightruns



we are facing serious performance problems with our QAComplete nightruns. Since we´re testing a client-server-software we have much different devices in our test-infrastructure. One option we are thinking about ist to move our TestComplete project suite files to a faster device. Problem: We have some 160 Testcases in QAComplete all with the old path in the automation tab.


Had anyone done this and the QAComplete Test Sets/Schedules run faster/better?

Is there any easy way to change all automation paths?



Thank you in advance.



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Hi Tom,


    Unfortunately, currently, you cannot change the path to a project suite or an attached archive file after an Automation is created.


    Note that, if you uploaded your projects as attachments, you could change a Test Host for multiple tests using Fast Edit options (Test Management | Actions | Fast Edit | Update multiple items).


    Customer Care Team