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10 years ago

No run option in the test runner after selecting host machine to run on.

To start here is an excerpt from:
The Test Runner window opens. If the Test or Test Set is linked to a Release, select the desired Release. Select the Test Host in the Run By Host drop down, and click Run.

After following The instructions in the TestAutomationIntegration.pdf I find that I do not have the option to click the run button in the test runner, however the test run will start in about a fifteen minute interval on the hour after starting the test runner and selecting wich host to execute on.

Is this expected functionality, or is there a reason that I may be experiencing an issue? 
Also to note, the test runner does not want to update the status of the run. I have not yet made it through a full execution of my test set however all I'm seeing after 15 to 20 minutes of running the test set is awaiting run; and the log files for what I have run are not in QAComplete when ending a partial run of the test set.

Antonio Haynes.

  • The support confirmed that as soon as you loose focus on the Host, the test is lauched.