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7 years ago

Managing Test Cases within TestCases

Good day all, I am trying to understand how to manage test cases. Currently I am presented with the issue of having duplicated test cases.

Test Case A
We need to test the ability Create a User

Test Case B
We need to test the count on a specific page. This count represents the number of users in the system.

In Test Case A, we test the ability to add a user to the system.


In Test Case B, we need to test the ability to add a user to the system then check the value of the variable. 

As you can see because of Test Case B, we are testing Test Case A twice.

This issue doesn't stop there. I have over 1000 test cases with similar issues. Does anyone have any advice?

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    To my mind, if Test Case A is required for testing Test Case B, there is no way to avoid duplicating. But, when you run Test Case B you test another functionality, not Test Case A. It is implied that Test Case A is good. So, it is questionable that you check Test Case A twice. 


    Maybe someone can correct me or share other ideas?