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14 years ago

List with "multiple choices" feature


 In current AlmCompelte version I could define a user-field as "Choice List", and the user could select a single item.

 I think another kind of user-defined field could be very interesting and give AlmCompelte another good feature: a "multiple choice" list.

 In other words, a list box that allows a user to select more than a single item.

 A use case:

 In "Requirements" I need to know which Customer(s) needs (or asks) the new requirement, or which Customer(s) couid be committed/impacted in sw modification.

 So I'd like to have a user-field list box that shows all my Customers, among which I could select more than one, either for accounts, either for telling developers and analysts to pay attention to would-be impact, eitehr for other reasons...

 ...feature nice to have, but very useful too!


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  • Hello Sergio,

    I'm pretty sure we have this on our list of desired enhancements. I agree it would be very helpful to have a multi-select type field.

    Thanks for the input!
  • Hi I've yet to see this... or am I missing something?  I was hoping this was a feature but am not seeing this as an option.
  • Hi Kary -

    It's not available yet - I know it's something we want to do but I don't know when that will be, sorry -