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8 years ago


Does anyone know of linking multiple test cases at a time to a Release instead of having to do one at a time.  We use the same test cases for Regression testing each month, there are several hundred ...
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    8 years ago

    Hi, thank you for your post.


    You can link multiple Tests or Test Sets to a Release. I will list the step by step information for you below. Please know that further below is a quick video that also walks you through the process.


    - Click on the "Releases" tab
    - Now you see all of your "Releases"
    - Click on the "Link Items" icon of the Release you wish to link Test Sets or Tests to
    - You will see at "Releases:" your selected Release
    - Under "Linkages To:" you will need to select "Tests or Test Sets"
    - Please note, if you have already any Tests or Test Sets linked to this Release, they will show up for you on the screen
    - On the right hand side you will need to select your "Folder:" of where your Tests or Test Sets reside in
    - Or if you select "All Folders", it will display you all of your Tests or Test Sets
    - You can move one at a time, or select multiple Tests or Test Sets (with the Shift key) and move them over to the linkage screen


    > Please watch my video at:
    > You will see that I have 1 Test Set named 'CMG's Test Set' already linked to my Test Release
    > I now wish to also link my 4 Test Sets under my 'Maximus Test Sets' folder to the same release
    > And I wish to 'remove' the linked Release from my CMG's Test Set
    > I go to Releases and select my Test Release "Link items" icon
    > I select "Test Sets" from the "Linkages To:" drop down
    > First I remove my CMG Test Set that I no longer need to be linked to that Release by clicking on "Remove Linked Item" icon
    > Now I select my folder where my Test Sets reside in and I do a select all and move them over to the linkage page and click on "Close
    > I go back to my Test Sets to show you that it linked properly


    Thank you,