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13 years ago

Linking Test Cases to an automated test

I'm using Software Planner for creating test cases and tracking bug, and I'm using Test Complete for automation of my test cases. Is there a way to can assign or attach an automated test to a particulat test case?

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  • Hi Daniel -

    You can post results from TestComplete to QAComplete or ALMComplete with our automation bridge. The results post to the Automation area under Test Management (or under Test Cases)

    However, you cannot link the automated tests nor test results to Test Cases.

    Thanks for the question!
  • Hi Barbara, 

    We are currenlty looking into the same exact possibility - to link the results which we got from TestComplete after runnign TCs automatically with the TCs created in ALMComplete.

    It seems that this is impossible according to your reply. Can you please still clarify what did you mean by saying that "The results post to the Automation area under Test Management (or under Test Cases)" I can see Automation Area under Test Management but what is Automation Area under Test Cases??  

    Thanks for the reply,

  • Hi Olga -

    "Test Cases" is the predecessor to Test Management. We replaced Test Cases with Test Management with Release 9.7.0, but we have customers who were using Test Cases and don't want to or haven't had a chance to convert to Test Management.

    Hope that helps!
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    we recently purchased QAComplete, our main goal was to create Test sets for our automation scripts and now we are realizing we cant.

    it seems like other users did face or are facing similar restrictions, please share any alternatives