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6 years ago

Keyword test that implements data loops calling multiple keyword tests.

I am trying to set up a simple framework in TestComplete/Keyword Tests so that:


1) we can create multiple tests that act like functions.  For example, I created a keyword test, Login, that can be used for every test case that needs to log in before doing the actual work.  In this way, if we need to make a change to the login steps, in will only have to be done in one place.


2) For each "sub" keyword test funtion, i have created a project variable that are read out of an Excel Spreadsheet, set up as a group of columns, pointed at an representative spreadsheet.  If i run the sub test independently, it reads the data from this spreadsheet.


3) I then tried to create a new keyword test that will represent the actual test case, calling individual keyword tests (my functions).  The data loop wizard allows me to only point to one data variable (thus, one spreadsheet) and works correctly retrieving the data and looping through rows.  If i want to add a call to a second keyword test in the same loo p that contains another variable set that points to a different spreadsheet, i don't see a way of incorporating this into the loop. 


Am i missing something on the setup, or do i need to go about this a different way with the variables to make this work correctly?  It would seem impossible to believe that you cannot use the keyword tests in such a fashion, otherwise you would have a very messy framework to maintain.

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