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12 years ago

import of test cases says the folder does not exist.


i am trying to import test cases to the test library under the test management tab.

i created the layout of folders and marked the correct field that hold the folder name in the CSV file, checked that the values of the folder name in the CSV matches the folder name in the ALMComplete.

however everytime i try to import the file i get this message:

"The folder you are trying to import into does not exist, skipping this record"

is this a known issue in the ALMComplete?

this makes the import task a problemtic issue for me.

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    found the problem.

    when i copy the name from the excel to the ALMComplete the name is somehow not copied correctly. 

    i need to copy the text itself, not the whole cell from excel.

    another problem - can't the import create the folder by itself from the folder name column in the excel? 

    it's kinda stupid to create the whole tree of folders.
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    We are able to import successfully at my company.  Make sure that you have the entire path in the folder name.