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8 years ago

How to Block Manual Test cases


I would like to know how to block manual test cases in a test set.

When I'm executing a test set I can set the test as passed or failed, but what about blocked status, is not allowed?

I know that I can block the test set. but I need to block some test cases in a test set not all of them.




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  • Tests within a Test Set cannot be manually marked as Blocked, but in the following scenarios they are Blocked automatically: 

    1. If a Test within your Test Set is marked as critical (the "Stop on Failure" check-box is checked for it), and the Test fails during a run, the rest of the Tests are marked Blocked.

    2. If a Test Set run is ended with the "Pause and mark Blocked" option, Tests that are not completed or not started yet are marked Blocked.