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8 years ago

Free Training - QAComplete Q4 Dates Announced!

Good morning QAComplete Community,  Thank you all for joining our past training webinars and your active participation with questions!  We will be sending out your Graduate Certificates this week to all who attended both the 101 and 201 training sessions this quarter.


New dates for Q4 announced for 101, 201, and  NEW 301 training webinars are below:


  • QAComplete 101 – Tuesday, October 4th, 10:30am EST Register Here
  • QAComplete 201 - Tuesday, November 8th, 11am EST Register Here
  • QAComplete 301 – Tuesday, December 6th, 11am EST Register Here

Please reply with your requested topics and or questions you would like to be covered for advanced 301 session.

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    Great!  Do you know what release of QAComplete will be used for these 4th quarter classes? I've heard that 11.2 was coming out in early October is why I'm asking.



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      BillW thanks for replying!  We will most likely do the 101 session on the current version as the release is scheduled for early October.  No finalized date yet.  The 201 and 301 training held live in November and December will be trained on the new release version.  Stay tuned for when we get closer to the release date we will announce a New Release Training session as well!