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14 years ago

FAQ - How do I reinstate a deleted user?

If you added a user previously and try to add the same email address, you'll see "This users' email address is already set up for this account. Please re-key the email address".

However, if you go to the User Listing (Setup / Security / Users), you may not see them. The reason is that when a user is deleted, it does a "soft delete', erasing all of their privileges to prevent them from logging in, but it keeps the user record. The reason for this is that the record is needed for auditing. They may have records that they added or updated in the past.

To restore the user:

1. Click Setup / Security / Users

2. Click Actions / Show Deleted Users

3. Once this is done, all active and deleted users are displayed

4. Find the user you need and click Edit

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the RESTORE THIS USER? checkbox

6. Press Submit

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    I followed those steps, but for the first 4 attempts I just received a pop-up window with a red 'X' which said Error.

    After waiting ten minutes, I tried again and was successful.  Any ideas?