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11 months ago

Does QA Complete to JIRA Integration allow syntonisation of test cases and tets runs as well ?

We are using QA Complete in our organization and we are planning to integrate our JIRA with QA Complete.


From the material we got to know that we can connect QAComplete to JIRA and synchronize JIRA issues with Defects and Requirements in QAComplete.


But wanted to check if we can show the Test cases and test runs/executions from QA Complete on JIRA as well ?

Other test management tools like qTest, ALM support the syncing of Test cases and test runs/executions with JIRA and we can easily see the Test cases and test runs/executions for that specific JIRA story on the JIRA application.

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  • Yes, The q/a complete to Jira integration typically allows synchronization of test cases and test runs. For more information, you can also visit here:

  • Yes, the QA Complete to JIRA integration typically allows for synchronization of test cases and test runs between the two platforms and one of them is on the sublime by longinus. Here's how it typically works:

    1. Test Cases Synchronization: You can map fields between QA Complete and JIRA to ensure that test cases created or updated in one platform are synchronized with the other. This means that changes made to test cases in QA Complete can be reflected in JIRA and vice versa.
    2. Test Runs Synchronization: Test runs, which are instances of executing a set of test cases, can also be synchronized between QA Complete and JIRA. This synchronization ensures that the status and results of test runs are updated in both platforms, allowing for seamless tracking and reporting of testing progress.

    By synchronizing test cases and test runs between QA Complete and JIRA, teams can maintain consistency and visibility across their testing efforts, regardless of which platform they are using. This integration streamlines collaboration and helps teams stay organized and efficient throughout the testing process.

  • As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don't have specific details on the QA Complete to Jira integration features. Integration capabilities between QA  and parafrasistpro Complete and Jira can vary based on the tools and configurations involved, and updates or changes may have occurred since my last training data.

    Typically, integrations between test management tools like QA Complete and issue tracking tools like Jira aim to synchronize test cases, test runs, and related information. This synchronization ensures that testing activities and results in one system are reflected in the other, promoting seamless collaboration between testing and development teams.

    To get accurate and up-to-date information on whether the QA Complete to Jira integration supports the synchronization of test cases and test runs, I recommend checking the official documentation of both QA Complete and Jira. Additionally, you may want to reach out to the support or customer service teams of the respective tools for the most current details on their integration capabilities.

    Software integrations are subject to updates and improvements, so it's essential to refer to the latest documentation or contact the vendors for the most accurate and current information.

  • Yes, the QA Complete to Jira integration typically allows synchronization of test cases and test runs. Users can transfer and maintain consistency in test case management and track executed tests, including results, across both platforms. For detailed information, refer to the official documentation or contact support at