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13 years ago

Choice List configuration

How do we configure Choice List category, be it for Requirements/Test management/Defects/Releases etc..??

For example: I have Release, Grouping, Release link types, Status codes, sub grouping in the Requirement-Choice Lists section. How can I get rid of some of these sections if I want to? Where can I configure? Also, where can I add other choice lists if needed??

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  • Hi Deepika -

    Each area has it's own set of "standard" choice lists. You can edit the values on those lists by going to the tab anc clicking Actions / Manage Choice Lists. Here's some info from the User's Guide - Choice Lists

    You can also also use Custom Fields to create your own Choice Lists: User's Guide - Custom Fields.

    If there are fields on the Add/Edit form that you want to remove or move around, you can do so in Setup under Screen Layouts. You can also use Workflow to change the fields on the Edit form as you change the Status - User's Guide - Workflow.

    Hope this helps!