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13 years ago

ALM Complete - Swapping to Full version from Trial


 In all past warning messages in my trial version of ALM Complete, I've seen the "finish date" was "Apr 24th". It should be the last day of would-be usage.... Today is Apr 24th and I already cannot use my ALM Complete account at all... It seems I've lost one day of my trial time :-(

 But Yesterday I've sent (fax) my order to Adam Seeley for a full license, following his instructions, so I've already ask SmartBear Company for a full license....

 Why has my account disappeared?

 ... I need it... (it's so useful :-)  )


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  • Hi Sergio -

    I spotted your email and addressed the issue. Our expiration is actually "on" that date, not the end of that date, sorry for the confusion.

    And we do not automatically clear out data that you've posted in a Trial, so no worries about anything disappearing on you.

    And I'm so glad you're finding ALMComplete so useful! Thanks!

  • Hi Sergio,

    The order came in our Sunday, but it is now processed, you should have access to your paid account now.  Thanks.

    Steve Miller