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5 months ago

Server GeoDistribution from Get scenario/{scenario-id} endpoint

{ "data": { "scenarioName": "Sample scenario", "scenarioId": "bacca5c2-2a19-11a2-7ok4a4305c69", "createDate": "Thu, 07 Feb 2019 13:34:51 GMT", "accountId": "f0f0f0f0-a2a2-b3b3-c4c4-2156222e3221", "projectName": "Sample project", "projectId": "25298d90-2add-11e9-8ccb-8171992e3f9b", "totalVirtualUsers": 5, "durationBased": true, "durationM": 5, "rampUpM": 1, "iterationDelayS": 1, "thinkTimeMode": "fixed", "thinkTimeMS": 155, "timeoutDelayS": 10, "scripts": [ { "scriptName": "Sample script", "scriptId": "12345a0-abba-11e2-1125-2b4433f9abb1", "accountId": "f0f0f0f0-a2a2-b3b3-c4c4-2156222e3221", "virtualUsers": 5, "loadPercent": 100, "projectId": "25298d90-2add-11e9-8ccb-8171992e3f9b", "createDate": "Thu, 07 Feb 2019 13:34:51 GMT" } ] } }

I'm wondering why the geo distribution isn't shown, in the front end api it clearly does returns these under a geoDistr object.

This is quite an important aspect of my testing and I would like it included.

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    Get scenario/{scenario-id} endpoint in LoadNinja to retrieve scenario details, 
    Seems you're missing the geo distribution information in the response. 

    If the frontend API is returning geo distribution under a geoDistr object, 
    but it's not present in the response from the backend API

    Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
    Thank you very much and have a great one!

    Warm regards