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11 months ago

Load Ninja Network Analytics Downloaded Metrics

I am seeing high numbers on the metric 3rd Party Response Times in Test results, so I downloaded metrics from Network Analytics tab after filtering on the request I am analyzing it for. Unfortunately, I do not understand if the numbers presented in the downloaded metrics are in secs or milli secs and if they are correct or not.

For Ex:

1. In common Objects Summary sheet, I see that the numbers for 3rd party hostnames are mostly 0, but it is reported high in the Test Results in 'Statistics' tab Load Ninja. 

2. I opened the downloaded sheet 'Network Analytics' for a few iterations and I see high numbers under Duration column (5 digit numbers, so assuming it is milli secs) for the App domain requests itself and not for the other domain hostnames. So I am not sure from where Load ninja is showing the high numbers for 3rd Party Response time metric in the 'Statistics' tab of the test results.


I am asking the community to see if anyone faced a similar issue and if they have how you have figured out from which raw data Load Ninja is calculating the '3rd Party Response Time' Metric to show in Test Results.

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