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5 years ago

Announcing LoadNinja Updates: Enhanced Distribution of Load & User Management

Happy 2020 to everyone! Although it has been awhile since we’ve posted updates, we continue to make improvements to LoadNinja every day. Here are some of the highlights over the past couple of months.


Record Tests and Generate Load from India and Canada

You now have the ability to create tests and distribute load from India and Canada. This means if your end users are present in these regions, you should be able to create more accurate performance tests that are representative of your real-world scenarios.


The following locations are available:

  • US East (North Virginia)
  • EU North (Stockholm)
  • EU West (London)
  • EU Central (Frankfurt)
  • AP Southeast (Sydney)
  • Central (Canada)
  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai)


Learn more here.


Create Tests for Applications with Chrome Security Block

Chrome may block pop-ups when it believes that may be a security threat. You may notice this when surfing websites.


You now have the ability to disable this security block in the real browsers used to record and load test your web application so you can create performance tests to such pop-ups with ease. Learn more.


Compare between recorded page and page seen during playback


You can now see the page captured during recording at different points in the playback log, and compare that with the page seen during playback. Learn more.


Better User Management


The user management system has been greatly streamlined! Account owners can now invite team members easily. LoadNinja will automatically send an email asking the invited user to join the shared account. Learn more.


Download CSV report of a manually stopped test


You can now download the raw test results in CSV format for both complete and incomplete lead tests that were manually stopped. Learn more.


Ready to start trying out LoadNinja? Sign up for your free, 14-day trial here.

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