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12 years ago

Visual Log File


Is there a way to visually see the results of a scenario execution?  After making a recording, I have parsed out some data and updated the URLs with variables.  So after re-executing the scenario, is there a way to visually see the pages that I'm hitting to make sure that my variables are correct?  I know some other tools (HP LoadRunner, SilkPerformer, etc.) have this feature, and I'm wondering if LoadComplete does as well.



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  • Hi Mark,

    Once you have recorded your scenario, you can go look at the expected responses by clicking each request and then looking at the response tab. If the content sent back from the server is html content, there will be a tab at the bottom named "html", you can click that and see a basic layout of the webpage. Note that this is just a rendering of the html code within that page, so images, css and javascript will not show up, but it should be enough for you to see if you are hitting the correct page or not.

    Hope this helps,