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9 years ago

Validation error



I have a response where i get json text. I am using data selectors to retrieve the value and i am getting below error

Unable to retrieve parameter. Error: Unable to parse data. Invalid input value.

I have attached screenshot for the same.


I have also added 1 validator which validates the extracted value with expected value, it validates successfully.

So not sure that if its able to extract the value then why is it marking above failure in logs.


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  • Hi SagarShroff,


    I have seen a similar issue where LoadComplete had difficulty processing chunked JSON responses. I do not know if this situation applies to you as well, but I suggest contacting our support group for more help. If it is indeed the same issue, I know we have a prepared a patch that addresses the issue. If it is a separate issue, our support team will still be happy to assist. :)



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      Yes i believe its the same problem.

      As i mentioned before the validator worked fine and was able to validate with expected result, but data selector logs 1 error.


      Thanks for the quick reply, will reach out the support group with a hope to get a patch for the same.