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8 years ago

Understanding and Resolving Errors

I ran a test case over a scenario for multiple users (250) roughly 5% of the users encountered errors. So I examined the results to determine the issue, but require some guidance. I went into the test log details and selected a specific user that had an error, it doesn't clearly show or say what caused it other than "Failed to simulate some requests. See the list below." by examining the entire list of requests below, I only see green checks for successful requests, and warnings stating the Status code didn't match expected (not sure why yet), and lastly one status code of N/A (which somehow has a green check). Could someone with more experience let me know what's wrong here or how to come to a conclusion about an error?



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    My guess would be there is an issue in the connection view. Some errors you can only see in the connection view, but in the page view it still shows that there was a failed request (which is why you see "Failed to simulate some requests"). Try clicking the connection view tab right above where you selected the user with the error, then check to see if the error is there.