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13 years ago

Problem with Page Load Time Graphs

Hi all,

Just wondering if this would be normal, in the image I've included, the 2nd and 3rd graph show exactly the same results even though one is Time to first byte and time to last byte. This seems weird. Unless each request only gets a reponse of 1 byte, would this not be incorrect?



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    which version of TC is it?

    This seems odd enough to me that I may recommend filing a support request.
  • It's Load Complete not Test Complete and it's version : 2.50.769.24

    I probably will file for support if I still have this issue when we're done deploying all our real versions of Load Complete. I still had the trial at the time and was testing it against our applications.  I hope this is not a real issue as it would mean the reporting module has some problems in it. 

    I will follow up if I see this kind of behavior again once everything is installed. 


  • Hi Louis-Philippe,

    I see the same picture if I perform a test on a maximum speed - in my case, the difference between TTFB and TTLB is not visible on the graphs, because it is either less than the graphs can draw, or is not visible by an unaided eye. If I set the connection speed to "Dial-up (56k)", the difference becomes obvious.
  • But even if I hover over the graph points, to get the actual value to show up, I get the exact same numbers. It's possible that the scale is too small for the graphs, but I haven't run an extensive amount of tests yet. I'll try the 56k option to see if it makes a difference.