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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Parametrize URL

I need to run the same parametrized complex scenario on different servers (QA, DEV, DEMO) for the same application under test.

I'm able to parametrize the host, the origin, the referer, NOT THE URL itself....

POST /@url    doesn't work.

I can input a parameter in an URL but not parametrize the whole URL


POST /WebServer-XXXX/Xxxxxx?parentId=@parentID HTTP/1.1

Doesn't work:

POST /@urlUnderTest

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    group by connection / right-click / change host

    == BUGGED! runs forever nothing.
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    Hi Patrick Chouinard

    i have used like this way in my GET /POST it is working fine pls.try  like this.

    When Build Path Changed: - you have to change @Buildpath Variable Value

    When Server Changed : - we have to Change Server IP at Connection By selecting option "Group By Connection" at Scenario

    GET /VPC3_PR009A/(S(c2drv5452bxf0z450wzdob55))/TestData/MyWorkList.aspx HTTP/1.1

    GET /@BuildPath/@SessionID/TestData/MyWorkList.aspx HTTP/1.1

  • I've just checked /@VarName construction and it works in WebLoadUI. Please try to check name of the variable.  Additional information that may help to you is that slash symbol will be replaced with percent notation. This may be the cause of the problem.