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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Load testing Yammer web part using LoadUIweb


I am testing a sharepoint teamsite where a webpart is loaded with yammer. The yammer feed is loaded gradualy with all the other webpart is already loaded. My question is how am i supposed to get the various performance reports using LoadUI, because the LoadUIweb is giving error during recording

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  • The errors you mentioned may help us to narrow down specifically why the requests are failing to simulate the yammer traffic.

    If you are not a customer or if you are on a LoadUIWeb Pro trial period, please contact your sales representative to obtain assistance.

    If you are an existing Pro customer, please contact the support team and include your project files.
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    Thanks Paul for your reply. I am not using the LoadUIWeb Pro version as i'm using the free version of LoadUIWeb. At the time of recording i am getting the request as "Error" and at the time of reply these errors are producing "Socket error" connection refused error.

    Can you help me how can i overcome these errors.

    Screenshot attached for your convenience.