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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Changing domain from that which the script was recorded

Hello, I want to change the domain from the one that my computer used when I recorded the load test script. In previous versions of the tool the Authentication Information table had a column where the Domain could be added/changed. Is there a way to emulate this on the latest version?

current version 2.90.4015.23

previous version with the Domain available in the authentication table 2.85.3660.23

Many thanks in advance

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    I read through the page that you linked to.  I am confused. (easily done!)

    Application "Application1"

    So I recorded the script on My PC that is on Domain 1A

    The actual application is hosted on Domain 2B.

    The recorded scripts use domain 1A in the requests and thus returns errors.

    If I need to change the domain

    Domain 2b/Application1?

  • Ah, sorry, totally read your question wrong the first time. They did change how to specify the domain of the user credential you'll be using for authentication.

    In the following article, it indicates that you should use the DOMAIN\Username format in the 'Login' column. You can either enter this manually, or you can use a variable (i.e. value from a spreadsheet) to specify the login credentials to a different domain.