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7 years ago

How to execute test against different environment?


I have created a load testing framework in LoadComplete, for environment X,


now, I want to run it (measure performance) on environment Y


what are the steps I need to do in changing the framework so that test recorded on environment X, can be played back on Y? What are the best practises?


Both environments are functionally exactly the same, only hostname (URL) differs.


Any advice is welcome.


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      Hi AlexKaras,


      it does partially, but changing from from actually requires (in my case), all 3 mentioned steps.

      However, I encountered following issues:


      1. This is pretty much work because I need to switch between servers frequently. So I actually I am more looking for a more mature way to switch between servers. Like parameterizing your test frame with a variable, so that by only changing the value of the parameter on 1 place that will change the tested server.
      2. There is an issue with working with the Host list in combination with variables. It is currently not supported (at least I don't know of), to use a variable as part of a substring. Therefore it is not possible to add portnumbers to a variable hostname. Like, for example, entering '@hostname:123'  (no quotes), meaning 123 as the portnumber is not supported. The application I need to test uses multiple port numbers (so multiple entries in the Host list) so not able to use variables since I have to specify portnumbers.


      Do you have any tips to make it more conventient to switch between tested server? Do you agree with me that these are point for improvement of LoadComplete?