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9 years ago

How to add a set of users to all the scripts, instead of individually adding them to each script.

HI Team,   In Load Complete there is option to add users and 1 script to that user. I want to say have a scenario of 1000 users and want to run it in all 10 scripts, instead of having 100 users fo...
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    9 years ago

    Hi Khirthana,


    Yes, this is possible in LoadComplete. It's called a Complex Scenario. You can right click "Scenarios" on the project scenario and choose "Create New Scenario." Select "Complex Scenario" and click OK.


    Then you can open the complex scenario and right click to add your other scenarios, arranging them in the order you like. The "Count" column allows you to specify how many times your users will iterate through that scenario. When you have added all your scripts to the complex scenario, you can create a test with 1000 users running the complex scenario, and the users will all go through all the scripts in the order you specified.