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9 years ago

Have test repeat

I'm using LoadComplete Free (although we may buy it if I can get it to do what I need). I'm trying to setup a scenario that will keep being repeated. I set up the test and it works fine. I tell the s...
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    9 years ago

    Hi, Jeff.


    It sounds like you are setting up your test correctly.


    Two questions: How long does it take for your scenario to execute for one virtual user, and how long did you specify for continuous load? As long as the continuous load time is greater than the time it would take to iterate through your scenario(s) once, all your virtual users should repeat the scenario(s) until the the test time has elapsed.


    You can verify whether or not this is working by looking at the Details view of the test report. The top left table breaks down your test results into Virtual User Group > Virtual User # > Iteration #. If you see multiple iterations for the same user, then this is working as expected.