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5 years ago

[WFH] The Best April Fool's Pranks - Make Your Co-Workers Laugh Online

Hi Community!


Since a lot of us are working from home, switching buttons on co-workers keyboards won’t happen. We need some nice online pranks for April 1. Nothing mean though, just something that will make your friends laugh.  


I found several things I thought were funny. Some of them are old Google pranks, like: 


Also, I’ve found the weirdest and most hilarious things to cheer my friends up: 


If you are fond of technical jokes, you may want to modify a response in the API call you do in ReadyAPI or start Notepad on the computer of your co-worker by using TestComplete’s Network Suite feature.


Also, I’m sure a lot of you are using Zoom. You can make your co-workers laugh by setting up a funny background. There are many options here. 


Feel free to share these with friends of co-workers on April 1!  

Got anymore ideas how make friendly pranks online? Share with the Community! 


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    Lol the website about christmas ... make me smile ...


    Askew and blink not worked here (FFox)

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      BenoitB Google should test their pranks better:smileyvery-happy: CrossBrowserTesting maybe:smileyvery-happy: