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5 years ago

[WFH] Online Learning – Best Resources for Testers

Hi Community! 


Since a lot of us are still working from home, we decided to give your brain something to chew on not to get bored!  


Keeping yourself entertained is important under quarantine. But work from home is also a great opportunity to learn. We have prepared a list of online resources to help you brush up testing/coding skills and moreIf you already know some great resources, please share them with us! 


Let’s start. 


Books and libraries 


We’ve found a couple of books and resources that sound promising: 

What great learning books would you recommend? 




A lot of learning platforms are now offering discounts or even providing courses for free for a limited time period. 


  • TestComplete On-Demand Video course is now free for 30 days thanks to our partner LinoTadros. Awesome news for UI testers! 
  • SmartBear Academy - this is where you can learn SmartBear products for free! We offer exclusive training courses for users with different levels of expertise. 
  • Udemy offers huge discounts for its bestseller courses and great free courses. Might be the right time to give them a go and improve your expertise: 

Groovy | Step by Step for Beginners 

Learn to Program in Javascript: Beginner to Pro 


  • Coursera offers a plethora of awesome courses on Data Science you can enroll for freeIf Machine learning or Data Analysis is something you’ve always wanted to put your mind to, now is the best time: 

Machine Learning 

Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis  

Algorithms Part 1 and Algorithms Part 2 

Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning 

Applied Machine Learning in Python 




  • TestGuild  - a very useful twitter account that gathers QA industry news, blogs and podcasts in one place. 
  • Code for a Living - a great blogs and podcasts collection on Stack Overflow for coders. 
  • SwaggerBlog – a blog about API Design, API development and API Documentation! 
  • Testing Podcast – probably the biggest library of podcasts for testers. 

Found anything useful and educational online these days? Share it with your fellow SmartBear Community members😊   

It can be something not linked directly to testing. Anything that falls under the ‘self-development’ category works.  


Let’s learn together! 

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