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2 years ago

Evolving UI

Hi - starting to learn CucumberStudio during the trial, and I'm confused about something...


The app menu items shown in the training videos and documentation are organized around Discovery, Formulation, Test, and Learning groups.


The menu items in the actual app are organized around Define, Test, and Learn.


Even the individual items are quite different. The training and docs have things like User stories, Features, and Living documentation. The actual app doesn't have these. Instead, there is a Scenarios item.


Q1: Am I seeing a recent change that the supporting materials haven't caught up with? Or am I using a different flavor of the studio than compared to what is shown in the documentation?


Q2: Assuming a recent change, what was the rationale for it? I like it, and it seems to be a result of an evolution of thinking around structuring test cases (potentially related to the recent gherkin release 6). Any background on this would be appreciated.


Q3: Are there any release notes or roadmap information so I can keep track of changes being made to the studio?






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