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5 years ago

Does CucumberStudio integrates with Serenity-BDD?

The answer is "Yes, it does!" 

Actually given that feature files could be generated through Serenity-BDD, it integrates with CucumberStudio. 


At this time, the JSON report format generated viaSerenity-BDD is not supported by CucumberStudio. So you can only push the XML report file(s). 


To do it, you should override hiptest-publisher templates in order to transpose the UIDs in your .XML test results file(s) without frictions. 


If for example, you get this output after pushing your test results file: 

[v] No tests imported 
Possible causes for the lack of imported tests: 
* Did you run the following command before executing your tests? 
hiptest-publisher --config=hiptest-publisher.conf --test-run-id=345241 --without=actionwords 
* Did you specify the correct push format? 
Use push_format=<format> in your config file or option --push-format=<format> in the command line 
Available formats are: cucumber-json, junit, nunit, robot, tap 


To solve this issue, you should override hiptest-publisher templates by following these steps: 


1. Update the hiptest-publisher config file parameters by adding this: 

overriden_templates = './templates'


2. Then create directories from your project locally to get this path: 

./templates/gherkin /my_overridden_template.hbs


3. Copy and paste the content of _scenario.hbs template and integrate it in the right directory like this: 



4. Copy and paste the content of dataset.hbs template and integrate it in the right directory like this:  



5. Change them in order to remove the extra colon after uid. This way will allow the reflection of UIDs in the XML report file(s), for both templates here: _scenario.hbs and dataset.hbs 


6. Here is a quick guide for handlebars and CucumberStudio publisher: 


Hope this helps 😃

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