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4 years ago

Run scenarios programatically

I was thinking to use Cucumber in the main program logic (not in test), so that the logic is written as "scenario" and is separate from the steps implementation. This has the value that the logic would be easier to be understood by non-technical members, and can be easily changed.


However, I am sure if if Cucumber supports this currently.


Appreciate your feedback, thanks.

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      No, I am directly using Cucumber Open as maven dependency.


      I am not familiar with Cucumber Studio, does it offer the needed functionality?

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        No, it doesn't. In this software, the application (test) code must be written after mentioning the indicated step, that is

        (content of the step that will be logged in) {
             the code of the application being executed


        but there's an API input, so what you're talking about can be programmed by yourself.