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2 years ago

Naming bug for feature and step files - skips when not named specifically



So I have a strange bug, basically, my feature file will run through all the steps fine if the step file has a specific name. If the step file's name is changed, it will skip the rest of the steps and not throw an error once it gets to a specific step. I have been trying to narrow down this bug for some time now, and if I change the names of all the files, all the feature files and all the step files, and completely redo all new files the bug is still present. It NEEDS to be named that specific name or it will skip once it gets to that specific step. I've tried lots of different naming conventions and all the other step files work just fine. I've tried using different git branches and cloning fresh ones, and I think it's either a corrupt folders or something going on with Cucumber, possibly both.


This is using WebdriverIO, Typescript, and Cucumber.


Any ideas?

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