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4 years ago

How to share the Spring Boot context between steps in cucumber test?

Hi all,


I am working on a cucumber integration test project for spring boot. Currently I have only one feature file, and I have placed @SpringBootTest & @AutoConfigureMockMvc annotations within the stepdef file. I would like to have these annotations common for all step files. Please help me in doing this. I would much appreciate any help. Thanks.



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    If you are using the latest Cucumber (v5.7.0) to make Cucumber aware of your test configuration you can annotate a configuration class on your glue path with `@CucumberContextConfiguration` and with one of the following annotations: `@ContextConfiguration`, `@ContextHierarchy` or `@BootstrapWith`. If you are using SpringBoot, you can annotate configuration class with `@SpringBootTest`

    For example:

    import org.springframework.boot.test.context.SpringBootTest;
    import io.cucumber.spring.CucumberContextConfiguration;
    @SpringBootTest(classes = TestConfig.class)
    public class CucumberSpringConfiguration {

    You can then `@Autowire`  components from the application context into any step definition file. No further spring configuration is needed. For example:

    public class MyStepDefinitions {
       private MyService myService;
       @Given("feed back is requested from my service")
       public void feed_back_is_requested(){

    The only requirement is that both `MyStepDefinitions` and `CucumberSpringConfiguration` are both in a package that is on the glue path. So either you have configured `@CucumberOptions(glue="com.example")` explicitly or your test runner class is in the same package as your step definition (`com.example`).

    You can find more information in the `cucumber-spring` module in github.

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      Thanks for helping  mpkorstanje!


      Hi infant_coder ! Is this the sort of advice you are looking for?