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4 years ago

Cucumber parallel execution - example status

Hi Team,


We are trying to execute parallel execution using cucumber. But in our feature files we have multiple examples under a scenario. So when we are running tests in parallel one example failure is printing all the other examples as failure. How to extract test status from an example instead of scenario.getstatus. please help me

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  • Hello,


    Could you please give us more details for us to be able to reproduce your scenario?


    Which cucumber are you using? Which version?



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      Hi Reeves,

      I am using cucumber 6.8.0 version.
      Whenever I am executing in parallel threads using core.cli.main if an example under a scenario fails. All the examples in that scenario are treated as failed. Which is wrong. I am using scenario.getstatus(). Is there any way to determine each example status when running cucumber tests in parallel