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5 years ago

[cucumber cpp] building error in windows 10 Visual studio 2019,google test 1.10,Boost 1.73


I try to build cucumber-cpp in my windows10 platform and facing issue(ruby 2.6.6p146). Here the steps I have followed.

1. built google test(first cmake then opened solution in visual studio and built it) and boost library separately.

cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="C:\Users\insp1\googletest-distribution" -Dgtest_force_shared_crt=on

2. cloned the cucumber-cpp from git build the 3rdparty/json_spirit and src folder cy command 

cmake -DBOOST_ROOT="C:/Users/insp1/boost_1_73_0" -DGMOCK_ROOT="C:/Users/insp1/googletest" -DGTEST_ROOT="*C:/Users/insp1/googletest" cucumber-cpp

cmake -DBOOST_ROOT="C:/Users/insp1/boost_1_73_0" -DGMOCK_ROOT="C:/Users/insp1/googletest" -DGTEST_ROOT="*C:/Users/insp1/googletest"

4. when trying to compile the generated solution gtest library linking error. After solving those manually 

I am still getting lots of boost and gtest mismatch error.

Like to know have anybody tried these combinations and is it working for them?

Or something I am doing wrong?

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