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5 years ago

Cross Browser Testing - how to change the url in a test scenario or suite

Hello, we recorded a lot of test scenarios on CBT.  We would like to run them against a different environment.  Is there a way to get our tests to point at another URL?  I don't see a way to switch the URL.



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    > we recorded a lot of test scenarios on CBT.

    In what tool/environment has this been done?

    Any screenshot to get a better understanding?


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      Hi, we recorded on Cross Browser Testing, not TestComplete. 


      You can see in the image that it was recorded using a staging site.  Is there a way that we can quickly make a suite run on a different URL without having to change every single test scenario?


      If we have to edit each scenario every time we want to run against a new URL or environment, it will be very time-consuming.


      We recorded using Windows/Chrome within CrossBrowserTesting.


      Thank you