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3 years ago

CBT - Record and Replay - Suites - Enhance Scheduling

Are there any plans to enhance the Scheduling for CBT Record and Replay Suites?


Currently we are only able to schedule a suite every hour on the hour.   This is problematic because I have about 40 Test Suites and I would love to run them at certain time a day in a certain sequence.


I have seen other software allow users to schedule Daily at  either 15 minute intervals or even specific time stamps.

Another example is we typically have a production deployment at 10 pm.  It would be great to run my Production smoke test suite at 10:30 when I know that the deployment is complete and I can run my regression, that way, I do not have to wait till 11 pm to have a scheduled suite to run.  Right now I have be up at 10:30 pm to manually trigger the suite.  I am using only Crossbrowser Testing and Not Test Complete for this effort.



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