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7 years ago

Server : v11.1.11101 , Client as : ccollab_client_11_1_11101.

Server :  v11.1.11101 ,  Client as : ccollab_client_11_1_11101.  Perforce : p4v .


After submitting  Smartbear Add-Review in perforce unable to view the request in code collab server.


Please guide me for any necessary modifications

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    If you are not seeing the Client GUI after clicking on the "Add to Review" option, you probably need to edit it and add the path for p4.exe and the Client GUI as well.

    • in P4V, select Tools | Manage Custom Tools;
    • select the Add to Review entry;
    • add the full path to the p4 executable in the Collaborator command-line options of the Arguments field: ... --scm perforce --p4 /usr/local/bin/p4 --p4port $p ...
    • add the full path to the Client GUI in the "Application" field.

    Also, make sure you have installed the command-line client for P4V





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    Not solved. 


    --pause-on-error --scm perforce -p4 /usr/bin/p4v --p4port $p --p4user $u --p4client "emptyArgumentPrefix $c emptyArgumentSuffix" addchangelist ask %C


    Application :  workspace\ccollabgui