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5 years ago

CodeCollaborator and Git - ClearCase addversions equivalent for Git?

Dear experts, 

My team is actively pursuing the command line utilization of Collaborator with Git (not GitHub or an public remote Git application). In clearcase, the branch name and revision number of a file is uploaded via the "addversions" command using the "ccollab" program. This has the wonderful feature of being able to switch between revisions and knowing which version  you are on. WIth Git, there aren't really "version" as much as there are hashes for commits, which are what show up when you upload diffs or files to Collaborator. 


I know it is possible to upload comments to the overall review page such as: 


$ccollab addgitdiffs --upload-comment "$(git log -g -n 1 "03db" --)" "69451" "03db^..2fbe"


that grabs info from the commit 03db and puts it on the review page. This does not contain information on the branch normally. 


Is there anything that can mimic the behavior of ClearCase so that the Git branch is clear and it is relatively easy to track which revision of each file is being looked at, or is this a lost cause. Thank you for any help. 


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